How to Review a Wi-Fi Installation - Part 1

We are getting more and more requests to review Wi-Fi networks which aren't quite meeting the specification. Many customers are finding that companies which don't truly understand Wi-Fi - or how to make it work - have deployed their network and are either incapable of making it work or don't care. 

It's an increasing line of work for us and in this series we share some of the inside information on the type of reviews we do - and what we look for.

This is the first of a two part series on undertaking a Wi-Fi review - see Part 2 for information on  How to Gather Evidence for a Wi-Fi Review.

Why Undertake a Wi-Fi Review

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This might be for a host of reasons, so this blog was about how that review takes place - what to expect and what the outcomes might be.

Wi-Fi reviews are all about ensuring the network you've spent a lot of money on is working to its optimal performance.

Wi-Fi needs good RF design, correct controller configuration and well-behaved clients.

There's a broad breakdown of the types of review we tend to get requested to undertake:

  • Post Tender Reviews: Confirmation the installed network meets the spec of an original tender
  • Fix-up Non Working WiFi: Review an installed network that is not working to specification

Have a look over our Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi for an in-depth review on the most common Wi-Fi issues.

The aim of both types of review is to provide the customer with a document detailing the network status and to inform the customer on where they are at.

Review #1: Post WLAN Tender Review

These types of reviews have different aims. In the case of a post-tender review, it's to confirm if the original specification was met - typically this is regardless of whether this is fit for the end purpose. The aim is to confirm if the original vendor met their requirements and if so, they are discharged from any obligations to correct the network.

The output from this review is a document detailing the requirements and confirmation (or otherwise) of whether they have been met.

The report will provide guidance on what's required to complete the install - once the requirements have been met, the report will reflect this.

WLC Configuration Audit

WLC Config' Audit Report That Is Offered

The review does not include recommendations on how to correct any issues identified - this is down to the original vendor.

One thing that tends to happen for a variety of reasons is that the tender failed to deliver a network that was actually fit for purpose and supported the customer needs. For this a Fix-Up review is required.


Review #2: WLAN Fix-Up Review

The Fix-Up review is to make sure the network is fit for purpose.

The network is not performing and supporting what the organisation needs the network to do, so the aim of the review is to produce some concrete evidence of where the issues lie - and recommendations on how to correct them.

We can then take the next step to implement the recommendations and start improving the situation.

The fix-up review will seek to bring the network up to a standard by which it supports the services the customer needs to deliver - it will recommend how to make the network fit for purpose, not just to tick off a requirement in a tender, but in the real world to support real devices, real users and real services.



Conclusion: How to Review a Wi-Fi Installation

A network that either fails to deliver on what its meant to do - or plain just doesn't work is useless to any business. You either need to get a review to get the original company to fix it, or you're past that point and you just want it sorted.

We're here to help.

Different reviews meet different requirements - if you need to confirm your network is working how it should be, Contact Us today, or email us at for an approach that will work for you.

The only way to find out is to dig under the surface, gather the evidence and present the findings. We'll do that and present the findings so you can make your own choice on what you want fixed and how you want your network to perform.

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