Environmentally Friendly & Sustainability Targets

At IPTel we are not only passionate about Networking, but also passionate about doing our bit for the environment. As a company we are continually pushing to reduce our carbon footprint and have taken the decision to set targets and sustainability goals which will help us on this quest.

These are reported below as well as other initiatives we are undertaking. 

Environmental Sustainability

Reducing Water Consumption

The IPTel head office is based in Brisbane which hosts a core collective of our workforce. Our target for 2024 is to reduce the water consumption by 10%. Water is a precious and finite resource that should be used wisely and efficiently, and the following are method we are using to reduce our usage:

  • Installing low-flow faucets, toilets and appliances to use less water per cycle
  • Reviewing all pipe work, faucets, toilets and irrigation systems for potential leaks
  • Collecting rainwater to use for watering our plants
  • Educating our employees about the importance of saving water and encouraging them to adopt water-saving habits. 

Our water usage targets are calculated based on the number of employees based at our head office. As head count increases, consumption will no doubt grow. Our goal is measured on the average employee headcount for that year vs water usage. This will give us a clear figure on Per head water usage.

Water Targets
  2023 2024
Water Usage (KL) Per Employee 9 Target = 8



Reducing Electricity Usage

environmentally sustainable network refresh (Instagram)Just like with water we are determined to follow a similar approach to reducing our Electricity consumption. Methods we are utilising to drive reductions include:

          • Swapping out all our light bulbs to LED
  • Installing motion timers on our lights to automatically turn off
  • Installing new Window blinds to allow for greater light penetration to reduce the requirement for artificial light
  • Educating our employees on energy saving practicies


Electricity Targets

  2023 2024
Electricity Usage (KW) Per Employee 2486 Target = 2200

At IPTel we have already implemented Solar Power which is also providing great benefits to the environment.


What Else Are We Doing?

Reducing our Water and Electricity is not all that we are doing to make a difference to the environment. We are also implementing a number of other practices:

  • Increasing our rates of recycling
  • Using MS Teams for collaboration to reduce reliance on transport
  • Implementing an Electric car charging station on site
  • Choosing eco-friendly products that require minimal packaging.


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