Managed Services - D6 Cisco Secure Access

IPTel are an approved Cisco Powered Managed Services provider, with multiple options for customers.

One of the specialisations we have is for D6 Cisco Secure Access. If you have a Cisco deployment, then this offering will be a great fit to support your environment as part of our Managed Services offering.

D6 Secure Access

At IPTel we have a long history of working with customers to deliver enterprise grade networks and resolve the most complex of customer issues.

Our Managed Services will deliver you with a streamlined offering to manage your infrastructure which allows you to get above the business-as-usual, and instead focus on growth and strategic initiatives.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)Wi-Fi in particular is one of those services that can cause a lot of pain: we are experts in support and delivery. Just one way in which we provide differentiation in our managed services.

The benefit for you? A Managed Service brings benefits for your Enterprise Network and Wireless environments, with unparalleled visibility across your network, we can bring insights, proactive diagnostics, action and remediation across the network.

In this blog, we'll dive into what the Cisco Powered Managed Services D6 Cisco Secure Access will offer for your business.

(As a side note, if you're wondering what the D6 means, this is just Cisco's internal designation for this service).


Included Technology

The first question, if what technology do we cover, as part of the Cisco Secure Access managed service?

The following are included:

  • Cisco DNA Center Appliances
  • Cisco Catalyst 9X00 Switching
  • Cisco 9800 WLAN Controllers
  • Cisco 9X00 Access Points
  • Associated licenses for the above


Universal Managed Services Inclusions

The service includes the standard items you think it should - this is the eyes and ears on your network for us to tell when issues exist.

Managed Services Incident Management (Instagram)Knowing the baseline allows us to determine when there's been a departure from that baseline, so the management and monitoring is more sophisticated than just raising threshold based alarms (especially in relation to AI-OPS, which is included in our Gold Service).

Incident, Change & Problem Management are included, as standard inclusions, meaning we not only manage the environment, but support you through any issues and incidents which occur.


The following are the general inclusions for all our managed services:

  • System Management: Management of your environment, including 
  • Customer Service Portal: Access to your own dedicated portal for raising tickets and seeing how your network is performing
  • Licence Managment: Management of your licences, ensuring these are current and sufficient
  • Inventory Reporting: Reporting on your managed assets
  • Regular Reports: Automated and regular reports, to provide insight into your network environment


D6 Cisco Secure Access Inclusions

The Meraki SD-WAN manged service has some very specific inclusions. SD-WAN is all about traffic identification and analysis, followed by treatment of that traffic.

There are some specific functions which are covered by the managed service:

  • Cisco Secure Access Management: Cisco Secure Access is powered by Cisco DNA Center, which sits at the at the heart of the management ecosystem for Cisco Catalyst Network
  • Management Network Protection: Enhanced security to ensure the integrity of DNA Center from intrusion 
  • LAN/WAN Management: Management of your Cisco LAN/WAN Switches and Devices
  • SDA Fabric (Gold): SDA Fabric is Cisco's automated network deployment technology


Managed Services - D6 Cisco Secure Access

In this blog, we have discussed how we manage and offer Cisco Secure Access support, as part of our managed services offering.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)If you're interested to know more, please complete our managed services request form.

Managed Services mean a lot of things to different people. As you can see from this blog, we have built our Managed Service around delivering what's most important for our customers - peace of mind that your network is being looked after.

The managed services proposal allows us to build a service that's right for you. To enable this, we have a range of options in specifying your service. This includes not only D6 Cisco Secure Access, but also D3 Meraki Access and D4 Meraki SD-WAN.

Across these services, we cover your complete Meraki environment, as well as a comprehensive support offering for your Cisco environment. 


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