Managed Services - D5 Meraki Security

IPTel are an approved Cisco Powered Managed Services provider, with multiple options for customers.

One of the specialisations we have is for D5, Meraki Security. If you have a Meraki deployment, there are a number of Security features available to you that when leveraged correctly can empower and secure your business in an ever-changing and complex landscape of Cyber Security.

Managed Services - D5 Meraki Security

At IPTel we have a long history of working with customers to deliver enterprise grade networks and resolve the most complex of customer issues. Implementing the correct security measures and implementations are crucial in modern networks.

Our D5 Meraki Security Managed Service is centred around bringing the Security capabilities within Meraki to our customers and assisting them in the management and roll out of these measures. We are all about helping our customers becoming more secure and assist them on the journey to continually refine those principles over time to ensure they are protected from evolving cyber security threats.

In this blog, we'll dive into what the Cisco Powered Managed Services D5 Meraki Security will offer for your business.

(As a side note, if you're wondering what the D5 means, this is just Cisco's internal designation for this service).


Included Technology

The first question, if what technology do we cover, as part of the Meraki Security Managed Service?

The following are included:

● Meraki MX 
● Enterprise license: Next Generation Firewall and Auto VPN 
● Advanced license: Content filtering, AMP for Endpoints, and intrusion detection/prevention


Universal Managed Services Inclusions

The service includes the standard items you think it should - this is the eyes and ears on your network for us to tell when issues exist.

Managed Services Incident Management (Instagram)Our extensive monitoring system integrates into the Meraki dashboard to provide a fully rounded support system to ensure all of the components of your network are covered.

We also make use of the Meraki API to provide next level insights and monitoring functionality to your network. This includes real-time security events being exported and integrated into our ticket managing platform. 

The following are the general inclusions for all our managed services:

  • System Management: Management of your Meraki environment integrated into our monitoring tool suite.
  • Customer Service Portal: Access to your own dedicated portal for raising tickets and seeing how your network is performing.
  • Licence Managment: Management of your licences, ensuring these are current and sufficient.
  • Advanced Security Reporting: Detailed reporting covering all areas of security.
  • Security Event Monitoring and Triaging: Security event management platform integrated into the Meraki Dashboard


D5 Meraki Security Inclusions

The Meraki Security manged service has some very specific inclusions. Security is all about protecting your network from external and internal threats.

These are some specific functions which are covered by the managed service:

  • Firewall as a Service: Support and integration of Meraki Firewall
  • VPN as a Service: Implementing Meraki VPN
  • Content Filtering: Management of the policies, and what your company employees have access to
  • Threat Protection: AMP protection and intrusion/incident handling
  • Next-Level Security Reporting: Service Availability, Device Inventory, Incident Management and Security reports 


Managed Services - D5 Meraki Security

In this blog, we have discussed how we manage and offer Meraki SD-WAN support, as part of our managed services offering.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)If you're interested to know more, please complete our managed services request form.

Managed Services mean a lot of things to different people. As you can see from this blog, we have built our Managed Service around delivering what's most important for our customers - peace of mind that your network is being looked after.

The managed services proposal allows us to build a service that's right for you. To enable this, we have a range of options in specifying your service. This includes not only D4 Meraki SD-WAN, but also D3 Meraki Access and D6 Cisco Secure Access.

Across these services, we cover your complete Meraki environment, as well as a comprehensive support offering for your Cisco environment. 


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