Free eBook: The CIOs Guide to Cisco SDA Fabric

The CIO's Guide to Cisco SDA Fabric

The field of networking is evolving rapidly. Security is a paramount concern for many businesses, as is the difficulty of finding staff to support and administer the network.

Cisco SDA Fabric offers a new world of networking, including automation and Zero Trust Architecture. Our FREE eBook provides a technical briefing on what SDA Fabric is - and what it can do for your business. See below for the download link.

CIOs Guide to SDA Fabric

In this short blog, we'll provide a summary of the free eBook for you to download.

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Why Download "The CIO's Guide to Cisco SDA Fabric"

Free Download: The CiO's Guide to Cisco SDA FabricThis eBook will deliver a technical summary of what SDA Fabric is, and how it can benefit your business. 

The book will run through some of the history of why SDA Fabric has been developed, explain the key terms and provide a technical run through on the concepts.

Fabric is all about the Underlay and the Overlay, so understanding what these key terms mean and how they will affect your users and business is key. Cisco SDA Fabric is not a fit for all businesses, so the eBook seeks to provide you with an unbiased view of how to make the decision if the technology is right for you.

If you're ready to download, click on the download button below to go to the download page:

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Automation and Zero Trust

Two of the key concepts you'll read about in the guide are concepts of automation and Zero Trust:

  • Network Automation: Cisco SDA Fabric is all about providing a much more secure and well understood network environment:
    • Profiling users means they can connect and get the access they need without someone manually configuring that access
    • Network Automation applies to both how the network is setup and configured, and how the users themselves can interact with the network
    • The bottom line is that networking at scale can be made much easier than it is today
  • Zero Trust:  Zero Trust describes a key security concept: users can only access what they have been explicitly configured to be allowed access to:
    • This is a much tighter security framework than the traditional VLAN style network
    • Zero Trust is key to containing and preventing malicious across from penetrating far and wide in your network - even if they gain access, the resources they can connect to are limited

There is much to learn, but the above provides some insight into the learning our eBook will provide.


About the Author

Mark Mark McSherry - Director, IPTel SolutionsMcSherry is the company director at IPTel Solutions.

A Chartered Engineer and networking specialist, Mark has worked in networking for over 32 years.

As a current CCIE, Mark has a long history in working with new technologies from the early days of Ethernet, ATM and through to today's Fabric networks.

"I hope you enjoy the eBook. We are increasingly installing Cisco SDA Fabric for our customers, so it's great to be able to share some of the  learnings and technical insights in to how the technology works.

I hope the eBook is a useful resource in your decision making for SDA Fabric."


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