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CIOs Guide to SDA Fabric Book 1 (Instagram)



The CIO's Guide to Cisco SDA Fabric

This eBook will deliver a technical summary of what SDA Fabric is, and how it can benefit your business. 

Cisco SDA Fabric offers a new world of networking, including automation and Zero Trust Architecture.

Our FREE eBook provides a technical briefing on what SDA Fabric is - and what it can do for your business. See below for the download link.

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Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi-Jan-06-2022-02-12-08-67-AM



Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi

We all love Wi-Fi these days – whether at work, travelling or just at home with Netflix.

Wi-Fi has become both ubiquitous and something we truly rely on for our day-to-day work; it’s become business critical for many companies.

At IPTel we have all the knowledge and experience to deliver to your business the promise of great Wi-Fi that Works!

This eBook will run you through 8 key issues that we’ve seen and hopefully provide some insight into Wi-Fi design: Our aim is to help you understand what makes good Wi-Fi.

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Cisco DNA Center 5 Ways Banner



5 ways Cisco DNA Center solves your challenges

Cisco DNA Center is all about modern, efficient and low touch network management.

In this free infographic, we will help you understand the key ways in which Cisco DNAC will help you to deploy, monitor and maintain your network.

If you're ready to take the first steps in to the new world of network management, the 5 ways Cisco DNA Center solves your challenges infographic is a great place to start.

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Farpoint Group Wi-Fi 6 Analyst Report



Farpoint Group Wi-Fi 6 Whitepaper

Clear and unbiased review of the latest in Wireless LAN technology, Wi-Fi 6.

Farpoint Group have undertaken a thorough review of all aspects of Wi-Fi 6, and you can read about these in our free Wi-Fi 6 Whitepaper.

If you’re interested to hear about what Wi-Fi 6 is, how it compares to 5G and what roadblocks you might have in your road to adoption, this Whitepaper will be of great interest.

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