Free eBook: Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi.

FREE eBook Download: Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi

We all love Wi-Fi these days – whether at work, travelling or just at home with Netflix.

Wi-Fi has become both ubiquitous and something we truly rely on for our day-to-day work; it’s become business critical for many companies.

Free Download: Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi

At IPTel, we specialise in the design and delivery of high availability, Enterprise Grade, mission critical Wi-Fi installations that deliver on business outcomes.

Wi-Fi is a complicated medium to design and configure. Correct design requires deep knowledge of RF and the understanding of how to configure the relevant Wi-Fi features in use.

At IPTel we have all the knowledge and experience to deliver to your business the promise of great Wi-Fi that Works!

Why Download "Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi"

This ebook will run you through 8 key issues that we’ve seen and hopefully provide some insight into Wi-Fi design.

Our aim is to help you understand what makes good Wi-Fi.

Planning your Wi-Fi Network

There are some key concepts you will read about to understand how to properly design and implement your network:

  • RF Surveys: An RF survey is NOT an off the shelf product – it takes skill and experience to use the software to design in the right way.
  • Poor Wi-Fi: We see a lot of poor installs that were the result of customers (and integrators) buying RF design software, but not knowing how to use it properly. Poor RF surveys = poor Wi-Fi experience.
  • Wi-Fi Grade: Wi-Fi can be designed to meet an array of use cases. If your integrator doesn’t ask you questions about how you will use the network, find a new integrator.

Many companies now consider Wi-Fi to be business critical, whether that's Hotel Wi-Fi, Warehouse Wi-Fi or even mean life critical in the case of hospitals, so reliable Wi-Fi is now paramount.

About the Author

Mark Mark McSherry - Director, IPTel SolutionsMcSherry is the company director at IPTel Solutions.

A Chartered Engineer and networking specialist, Mark has worked in networking for over 28 years.

As a current CCIE, Mark has a long history in working with new technologies and wireless in particular.

"I've spent more than a decade working in Wi-Fi remediation and have collated some of the most common secrets that affect your Wi-Fi performance and experience - download our free eBook "Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi" and find out the inside track."


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