Meraki Managed Wi-Fi

If you rely on Wi-Fi for your business, then we have a no-stress option for you to deploy your wireless solution: Meraki Managed Wi-Fi from IPTel Solutions. 

Meraki Managed Wi-fi

Wi-Fi is a complicated technology to fault find when it goes wrong. When it does you'll experience slow connection speeds, intermittent connectivity and the nemesis of real-time Wi-Fi clients, the "dropout".

A dropout occurs when your client fails to roam, and so attempts to connect to another access point, but this doesn't quite work. Your client then spends time while it reconnects. A dropout leaves you offline and frustrated with the quality of the Wi-Fi.


Let us Take the Strain

There are many businesses that rely on great Wi-Fi. If you are a hospital, you will be familiar with the wide array of equipment and users that connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Meraki Managed Wi-Fi 1This is also true if you are a warehouse and you need barcode scanners to operate seamlessly. An aged care site? Your residents will demand good Wi-Fi in order to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Wi-Fi that doesn't perform puts a strain on your business - not just from the services that don't work for your users, but for your over stretched ICT support teams. 

It can take weeks or months of guesswork to resolve Wi-Fi issues - time and money wasted, when all you really want is to deliver a good service to your users. 

Let us take the strain. We have the techniques and equipment to fault find and support wireless, to ensure your Wi-Fi operates at its best - delivering the return on investment you need on your Wi-Fi deployment.


Wi-Fi Done Right!

Wi-Fi done right is all about the end user experience In order to deliver a good experience though, a lot has to work correctly - and only a little has to go wrong to give a bad user experience.

Meraki Managed Wi-Fi  2Delivering great Wi-Fi is typically about three aspects - all three of which have to work:

RF Design: The basic parameters of enough coverage, good signal to noise and not too much interference apply. We use on site surveys to measure the quality of the RF experience.

Configuration: Next up is configuration. There are many options in how to configure a wireless network, so getting these correct is paramount.

End Devices: The end devices themselves need the right configuration, so understanding how to configure these is key to ensuring they work properly.

We can ensure your wireless is designed properly, configured properly and that your chosen end clients work correctly on it. 


Wi-Fi Managed Services

Ensuring the quality of your Wi-Fi experience is an ongoing requirement. Unlike switched networking, wireless is constantly changing. 

Meraki Managed Wi-Fi  3Devices are added all the time, as your end users are given new laptops, or you deploy a new BYOD policy and lots of new devices connect. 

Coupled with this, the physical environment changes - various items of equipment, such as Microwave ovens can emit interference, which in the case of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi can be a major issue.

Our Wi-Fi Managed Services are all about ensuring your network is running perfectly all the time. We couple pre-emptive monitoring, with the availability of onsite surveys to work with your users in actively testing your environment, to ensure you get the best possible outcomes. 

Our Wi-Fi managed services are there to ensure that you minimise user complaints and maximise the capability of your network.


Meraki Managed Wi-Fi: Summary

Let us take the strain. We can remediate your Wi-Fi network if you have current issues and then continue to provide monitoring, ticket and support escalations, as well as onsite services to work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Meraki Managed Wi-Fi  4If you rely on your network and you need help, we have the solution to help. Our Wi-Fi managed service supports your entire network, but we offer the specialisation where it matters most for you.

More and more businesses rely on Wi-Fi, from hospitals, aged care, mining camps, autonomous vehicles and retail stores - whatever your vertical, we can support you and your business

Drop us a line on our Contact Us page and we can set up a free no-obligation chat to run through the services we offer and how they can support your business.


If poor Wi-Fi has been causing your business pain, we have the answer - Wi-Fi Managed Services from IPTel Solutions.


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