Managed Services: Top 5 Benefits

Managed Services are designed to complement a business's systems, processes and people in the management of ICT assets. Internal staff are often stretched between BAU work and working on strategic initiatives and projects for the business.

Managed Services helps resolve this – and a range of other issues for a business. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top 5 benefits your business could gain from adopting MSP approach.

Cisco Powered Managed Services

There are a whole range of benefits utilising a Manged Service Provider can bring to your business. We have picked 5 key ones to consider:


Peace of Mind

The first and most major reason is simple. For a business point of view, you need some peace of mind to know that important ICT functions are being dealt with.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)This starts with the monitoring capability, so knowing this is being done and you’re being alerted when required, means that the business can focus on the importance of delivering on its core functions.

Management of issues, changes and incidents means a lot less disruption to the business, with these functions being taken care of externally by a specialist provider. 

If you're interested in other reasons why you might want a managed service, we have a range of other ...


Existing Team Capacity Levels

A Managed Service might be about replacing head count, but this in general should not be seen as the driving force. We are not necessarily designed to replace your in-house staff, but better positioned to add to them.

Accountability is much greater on our team delivering to you when we have SLAs to deliver those services than you can drive with an internal team alone.

We are an ITIL driven company with the tools to match to ensure all Change, Incident and Problem Management is managed effectively and efficiently to enable your environments to perform at their best. 

Acting in a role of augmenting your existing team means that we can liaise with the team you already have onsite but offload a lot of the routine work from them.


The business has important projects to deliver.

The answer is no – we have our services available a Bronze, Silver and Gold, designed to suit smaller customers, with simpler needs.

You may need some hands and feet onsite assistance on occasion, but for the most part you are able to manage in house – our services overlay on to your business and provide a set of deliverables that can grow as your business does.

Finding ICT staff to man your helpdesk can be difficult and so alleviating this business problem can allow your business to focus on delivering on its core value, while we manage the network to support that.


Regular Reporting

ThousandEyes Managed Services (Instagram)

Administering ICT systems often involves a significant amount of paperwork; this could be change controls, Incident communication, reporting on planned works, system upgrades etc...

Regular reporting is a great benefit of Managed Services, giving you consistent insights into the status of your network, and any issues that have been identified and need to be tracked.

Regular reporting is one of those things that often gets dropped off the list when a team gets busy, so knowing this will be delivered routinely for you, along with the relevant analysis is one less thing to worry about.

Armed with the right information, you can make the best decisions for the business. Our Manage Service offering provided different tiers and levels of reporting to suit your company needs.


Pro-active Network Management capability

Meraki Managed Service (Instagram)

Many businesses don’t have desire or budget to deploy expensive tools that can not only monitor the network, but provide AI analysis to determine when issues might occur, allowing proactive highlighting and remediation of issues before they become a major business problem.

Proactive management isn’t just a technical thing either – this includes the proactive alerting of potential issues, so the business can make informed decisions about when change controls need to happen, or ICT spend be prioritised.

Many businesses suffer from left-field ICT issues occurring that sap resources, morale and funds from the business and areas where the business really should be spending its time.

Proactive management seeks to answer these issues by ensuing that as many possible issues are captured and remediated early, before they become a major problem.


Managed Services Top 5 Benefits: Summary.

There are many reasons why a business might want to choose Managed Services to augment its own in-house ICT capability. In this blog, we’ve taken a look at some of the key business reasons that you might want to add the Managed Services capability to your business.

Having an external team that you can rely on and provide you with the support and help when you need, can be a game changer.

The ability to prioritise your internal resources to the projects you need to deliver and greatly reduce all the noise that accompanies looking after a network, gives you a win. That win translates into projects delivered.

We can provide the base load functions that are time consuming and costly to deliver, as well as the ability to escalate to specialists as and when needed, but the biggest overall benefit is the peace of mind from knowing that someone is always watching your network and ready to help when you need.

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