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Meraki is known as a leader in the cloud networking space and for good reason.

Cloud networking means that Meraki offers simple to configure networking, accessing your network configuration via a standard web browser to view the Meraki Dashboard.

The Meraki range covers network switching, cameras, Wi-Fi, security appliances and sensors.

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Why Meraki?

The integration of each of your networking components in a single stack, which is easily managed via a web browser is the power of the Meraki brand.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)Meraki takes care of your software upgrades, which you can schedule to suit, so no more complex maintenance and change control forms, to keep your network running on the latest code.

Backed by Cisco, Meraki offers great remote support and you can even select Cisco Powered Managed Services to ensure that your network is managed for you by Meraki accredited partner.

Meraki security appliances, switches, cameras and Wi-Fi are all managed via the the portal, so you have a central overview of how the network is performing.

The value of Meraki is in the breadth of the product set, as well as the depth of the support and installed customer base. It's no accident that cloud based networking is growing so rapidly as it provides for an easy to manage and support network solution for your business.

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