Cisco Secure Access (SSE)

The new era of hybrid work requires a revised approach to security, and SSE (Security Service Edge) is a key enabler of any organization’s hybrid-work strategy. Cisco Secure Access is a converged cloud security SSE solution, grounded in zero trust, that provides seamless, transparent, and secure access from anything to anywhere. This solution ushers in a holistic set of core modules, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Firewall as a Service (FWaaS).

Cisco Secure Access

The platform then goes beyond these features and adds multimode DLP, DNS security, Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), malware analysis, and Talos threat intelligence. By leveraging these capabilities, all under one cloud-delivered platform, organizations can solve a variety of security challenges. Unlike Cisco Umbrella which provides security at DNS and Web layers With Cisco Secure Access, users can safely and seamlessly access all the resources and apps they need, regardless of protocol, port, or level of customization. 


Technology Selection

Cisco Secure Access 2

Cisco secure access uses single unified agent (Cisco secure client) with the suite of security service modules , VPN( For SIA & SPA) ,ZTNA (for  SPA).  Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) module provides seamless access to any TCP and UDP based web/non-web private applications in a private data centre.  

Cisco Secure Access 2

Data centers will require devices that support IPsec to establish backhaul IPsec tunnel connections from your on-premises data centre to the Cisco Secure Access. 

The Cisco Secure Access resource connectors connect traffic from user devices to private resources on your network using Zero Trust Access. Resource connectors allow connectivity to your private resources in data centres where IPsec VPN capable devices are not an option. Resource connectors are light weight VM deployed in your DC will build DTLS tunnels with Secure access cloud. Cisco Secure Access resource connector allows access to private applications without requiring significant changes to the network routing. 


Top reasons to go for SSE 

Below are some key benefits that Cisco SSE brings to the table. 

  • Secure, remote access to all private apps 
  • Defend users and resources from malware 
  • Expose shadow IT and protect sensitive data 
  • Provide traffic monitoring and inspection 
  • Increase User Productivity and IT Efficiency With Embedded User Experience Insights 

Cisco Secure Access 3


Cisco SSE experience insights

Experience insights measure the real-time performance and availability of applications and services that IT operations teams can use to resolve issues quickly and improve employee productivity. The module is integrated with Cisco ThousandEyes, a SaaS product that measures network performance and delivers automated insights for digital experiences across the network.

Cisco Secure Access 4

Below are some key benefits of Experience Insights:

  • In-depth Endpoint Health Analysis 
  • Detailed Network Performance Tracking 
  • Correlate Performance With SaaS Outages 
  • Unified User-to-application Monitoring 
  • Cross-team Experience Insight Sharing 
  • Flexible, Expandable Monitoring Options 


Cisco Secure Access: Summary

Cisco SSE Enforces  modern cybersecurity to radically reduce risk and delight users and IT staff by addressing today's challenge of safely connecting anything to anywhere.

Delivers a universal experience that seamlessly and securely connects any user to any app over any port or protocol.

Simplifies the deployment and operations with a single console, unified client, and centralised policy management.

Mitigates risk with advanced security to maintain business continuity and avoid the repercussions of a security breach.


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