Managed Services - Application Dependency Monitoring (FSO)

Internal Business Critical Applications? Remote Sites underpinning your business functions or maybe a reliance on multiple SaaS vendors providing key services to your business.

Regardless of the structure and makeup of your environments, establishing the best performing network is critical in optimizing the performance for these platforms.

Managed Services Application Dependency Monitoring

Our Application Dependency Monitoring (Full Stack Observability) Managed Service Product is all about assisting customers help take the performance of their network to the next level.


Scope of Testing

Our initial dialogue with a customer is establishing the critical components of their network they are keen to gain valuable insights on.

Whether it's their remote sites, eCommerce Website, Internal Billing Application or many more options, we must first establish the Scope of what we want to test.

Once targets are locked in it comes down to the tier of testing. Thousand Eyes can perform vast quantity of testing ranging from Synthetic traffic, eCommerce test transactions right through to Network Latency at remote sites.

The level, type and frequency of testing will dictate the consumption of ThousandEyes Units and their associated cost.

We assist our customers in making the correct decision for their business where there is balancing act between the level of testing vs the associated cost incurred.



Application Dependency Monitoring is powered by ThousandEyes.

Free ThousandEyes Setup (Instagram)ThousandEyes is a powerful network intelligence and monitoring tool that provides valuable insights into network performance, application delivery, and user experience.

The tests we defined in the Testing Scope phase are created within ThousandEyes and managed by us as part of the Managed Service.

Some of our customers already have ThousandEyes units and seek assistance in making best use of these. Alternatively, we can provide ThousandEyes units direct to our customers and not just at the standard rate. As a CISCO GOLD provider we get discounted rates on the purchase of units.


Agreed Form Of Measure (AFOM) & Alerting

Managed Services - Customer FAQs (Instagram Post (Square))Spending time with a customer on the Scope of Testing is critical, but only valuable when we document what is the agreed level of service

Our AFOM document outlines the acceptable levels for the performed test. If a test does not meet the acceptable criteria and falls outside of these parameters action is taken.

The action could be alerts and notifications delivered direct to your support teams advising them of a potential problem on the network.



Reporting and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR's)

Managed Services - Customer FAQs (Instagram Post (Square))To display and provide the valuable insights our Application Dependency Monitoring we implement regular reporting.

Reports are weekly and cover the current level of testing as well as insights into what has happened on your network over the past 7 days.

We also provide an in-depth QBR which goes further on the analysis of your network. This will serve you in depth analytics, suggestions around optimisation for your network and pinch points.

The factual data in these reports and the QBR helps our customers plan and make decisions for their future investments in their network and beyond.



In this blog, we have provided an overview of our Application Dependency Monitoring (FSO) Managed Service product.

Cisco Powered Managed Services (Instagram)If you're interested to know more, please complete our managed services request form.

Managed Services mean a lot of things to different people. As you can see from this blog, we have built our Managed Service around delivering what's most important for our customers - peace of mind that your network is being looked after.

The managed services proposal allows us to build a service that's right for you. To enable this, we have a range of options in specifying your service. This includes not only X2 but also D3 Meraki Access, D4 Meraki SD-WAN and D6 Cisco Secure Access.

Across these services, we cover your complete Meraki environment, as well as a comprehensive support offering for your Cisco environment. 


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