Managed Services FAQ - Part 1

IPTel offer Managed Services as part of our business solutions.

When customers come to us, they often have similar questions regarding the level of support and the technicalities of what is covered as part of our Managed Service.

Managed Services - Customer FAQs

We wanted to take some time to show you some frequently asked questions we get from customers which will provide you a more detailed insight into our Managed Service Solution here at IPTel. 


Why do we need Network Management when we have Meraki Dashboard?

Meraki Managed ServiceOur solution is about bringing the right people with the right skills across your infrastructure to monitor it, manage the network respond to incidents and keep your network operating smoothly.


While Meraki provides excellent user interface capabilities from Meraki Cloud, having the right eyes on the environment and intelligent alerting setup with rapid response from dedicated network operations teams is really where the value comes from.


What happens when Hardware stops working?

In this scenario alerts will be triggered allowing us to inspect the network interface and run diagnostic checks to assess the problem.


Managed Services Incident ManagementOur expert Engineers will be able to remotely remediate most issues however in the instance that physical on-site work is required we will take the steps to manage and co-ordinate with on-site presence to carry out physical checks.


In the instance that it is determined that physical IPTel on-site attendance is required beyond this, for local reboots, cable jumping, we have a pool of local personnel who are able to attend site and undertake physical on-site remediation work. 


The uncertainty of the frequency of this issue means we have a variable cost model associated with it.


What Certifications do our Engineers have?

Our Engineers have a mix of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE accreditations which provide Customers confidence their environments are maintained and managed correctly and efficiently.


How do we manage devices of Customers who are Remotely Working?

Our managed service offering is designed to support network infrastructure; not end user devices.


As a result, we wouldn't be managing the end user compute devices, however we can manage the SD-WAN underpinning their secure connectivity and, in the instance we are managing their remote user Edge Appliance, that device as well.


We can also manage the VPNs enabling your business.



In this blog, we ran through a selection of common FAQ's we get from Customers on our Managed Service platform.

If you're interested to know more, please complete our managed services request form.

Managed Services mean a lot of things to different people. As you can see from this blog, we have built our Managed Service around delivering what's most important for our customers - peace of mind that your network is being looked after.


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