ThousandEyes Managed Services

ThousandEyes is a network monitoring tool for managing the network you don’t control. What does that mean exactly?

You can have local agents to monitor your internal network, but this also extends to monitoring the network past your premises. How about if you could ensure your network is always working as you need it to - make it easy with ThousandEyes Managed Services.

ThousandEyes Managed Services

What if you could have a ThousandEyes Managed Service to monitor how well your network is performing for the people that matter the most - your end users.

This is the core aim of the ThousandEyes Managed Service.


The Network Monitoring Business Problem

Helpdesks are often confronted with difficult to answer questions, such as;

  • Why is the network slow?
  • My teams keeps dropping out
  • The voice is jittery on my IP phone
  • File transfers keep getting interrupted

ThousandEyes (Instagram)These kind of problems are often viewed as intermittent faults – which are always the most difficult – and time consuming – to fault find.

Without continuous network monitoring, you don’t know what your network baseline looks like – so it’s impossible to tell if anything has changed.

The whole issue is complicated that many network applications are now real time – or need a specific quality of service.

Taking all this into account – would it be good to have a helping hand to manage all this and just let you know when an issue exists – and how to potentially solve it?


The Saas Changing Environment

It’s worth noting that we’re in a very different operating world now.

Many companies rely on Software as a Service as a major part of their operating environment. Reliance on the cloud, is – in general – a good thing. However that’s a lot of infrastructure outside of your control.

DNS records update and as you connect to your cloud resources, things can change, so having a managed environment allows for tracking of this ever changing, external network.



ThousandEyes Managed Service

Our ThousandEyes Managed Service is all about solving those annoying issues we’ve listed above.

Your IT Staff have enough to do – if we can reduce their workload, while helping you offer a better experience to your users, we have met the key aims of the Managed Service.

The service includes some key items:

  • Baseline Monitoring:
    • The key to quickly finding out where and how an issue exists.
    • Baseline monitoring provides the insight into how to remediate, as you need to have an understanding of the baseline in the network at the first place
  • Monthly Review and Report:
    • This is where the value really starts.
    • Having a monthly one-one review of your network and any issues discovered allows you to move from being reactive to pre-emptive.
    • You can finally start to get ahead of issues occurring and resolve escalating issues before they become major problems
  • Application Assurance:
    • Many companies rely on cloud applications which are distributed in the cloud – but also accessed from a range of branch locations.
    • The level of network monitoring has changed – it now has to be at an individual application level, not just on a network level – it’s applications that your users are judging the network performance on, so it’s applications we need to measure
  • Fault finding:
    • Issues do sometimes occur unexpectedly.
    • This is where you need to be able to quickly determine if the root cause is inside or outside your network
    • Regardless of where the fault lies – identifying the root cause is the first step in resolving the issue
  • Issue Resolution:
    • Once the issue has been identified, we can work to put in place the resolution
    • This could include routing around the problem, or working through other remediations

As you network grows, you will periodically add new applications for your users. How do these perform across the cloud and all your branch offices?

With our ThousandEyes Managed Service, we can baseline new application deployments, before you kick off a wider rollout.

This process allows you to test out how a new application will perform, so you have confidence when undertaking a mass rollout.


Thousand Eyes Managed Service: Summary

ThousandEyes allows you to monitor your network performance within and beyond your network edge. This is powerful as so much of todays workload is based in the cloud, which is typically outside of your control.

ThousandEyes vs DNA Center (Instagram)Using ThousandEyes, we can get visibility into where issues lie and improve performance for your users.

Taking this to the next step, we can take the strain out of the management of the environment by doing this for you. 

You have peace of mind that your network issues are actively being manged, and remediated.


If you're interested in a discussion on how Cisco ThousandEyes can bring visibility to your network management experience and help your business, drop us a line at and we'll line up a good time for a chat.


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