Cisco DNA Center Enablement

Cisco's DNA Center is a management platform for the software defined networking era.

Graphical management, guided fault finding, streaming telemetry and the ability to manage and deploy Software Defined Access (SD-Access) networks. It needs some experience to install and get the most from DNA Center though - and that's where the DNA Center Enablement package comes in.

DNA Center Enablement

What is Cisco DNA Center?

Cisco® DNA Center is the management platform of choice, delivering graphical management, guided fault finding, network health scores and configuration for full Software Defined Access deployments.

Allow your organisation to monitor the health of supported Cisco devices, software updates and diagnose client and network faults:

  • Ensure satisfaction and increase adoption levels of DNAC
  • Achieve deeper understanding and Be able to support your DNAC install and overall environment
  • Encourage the adoption of future SD Access services and equipment roadmap

My blog on the DNA Center Beginners Guide is worth a read, if you're not too familiar with what DNA Center can do. The quick refresh though is:

  • Assurance: Network monitoring, management and advanced fault finding
  • Automation: Automated configuration of the network, allowing deployment size and scale
  • Access to 3rd Party Systems: Integration with other systems to enhance DNA Center capabilities - for example to auto register fault tickets when issues arise


How we can Help Install DNAC?

DNA Center requires specific skills for installation and IPTel are able to offer a pre-packaged set of services to deploy Cisco DNA Center in Assurance mode.

DNAC Enablement 1The enablement service provides a package of services to ensure a partner lead, successful installation of DNA Center, including warm handover and customer specific documentation.

We can help understand how you want to operate DNA Center and deploy with the following services:

  • DNAC Design: Design of the installation to deploy DNAC into your network
  • DNAC Implementation: Change controls, Assurance mode deployment plus plug and play
  • DNAC Handover / Knowledge Transfer: Training, help and handover
  • DNAC Documentation: Reference documentation

We can help support your installation once you're up and running too, if you want the security of ongoing support.


Why Cisco DNA Center?

DNA Center offers a range of benefits, over and above what we might call legacy management systems.

Cisco DNA Center 5 Ways Banner

Cisco ISE is integrated with DNA Center, allowing you to fault find client issues end-end, including the authentication phase. Once you know what the issue is, wouldn't it be handy if the management system could take you to the location you need to go to, in order to make the change - or just make it for you? Welcome to guided fault finding.

One other issue that plagues the ability to fault find wireless, is the seemingly random nature of faults. Staff report all kinds of issues, but Wi-Fi faults are tricky to pin down, debug and isolate. The Network Time Machine function helps with this, by allowing you to review historic data and determine where issues exist.

Its worth a download of the 5 Ways Cisco DNA Center solves your challenges infographic if you wanted a quick overview.

Cisco DNA Center Enablement: Summary

If you're interested to learn more about how we can help, download our Cisco DNA Center Enablement brochure.

Cisco DNA Center (Instagram)Many customers have bought DNA Center and just need some help to get up and running. Our services for DNA Enablement are targeted to help with just that - how to get you over the line and using the management platform.

DNA Center has a lot of amazing features, but the setup is a once-off scenario - we can help to get over that initial setup, train you on how to to use and continue to configure your DNA Center.

The business outcome is that you will much more quickly begin to get the value from your investment in DNA Center and with the training and handover have the confidence to move into the world of SD-Access.


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