MAC Address Converter Tool

The first of a series of free tools offered for public use, IPTel has released the MAC Address Conversion Tool.

Ever needed to convert a multitude of different style MAC addresses to the format required for upload to Prime (which is in the format aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff )?

MAC Address Conversion Tool Diagram

Maybe you just take a bunch of MAC addresses and format them in the same way? This tool is here to help.

Note at the outset that Prime is less picky than it used to be when uploading CSVs with MAC addresses – so worth trying first if you are running a fairly recent version. If you get issues, run the MAC addresses through this tool and re-paste into your CSV.

The MAC Address Converter tool can be found from this link:

The tool is pretty simple, but offers a time saving way of ensuing all your MAC addresses are formatted the same, prior to using them for a CSV import.

Enter MAC Addresses for Conversion

The base entry screen is shown below - enter your MAC addresses and click the convert button. You can copy and paste into the tool if you want to convert a bunch of entries at once:

MAC Address conversion tool text box

MAC Address Converter Tool - Entry screen

Output from the MAC Address Converter Tool

The example below details a number of sample MAC addresses in different formats being pasted into the tool. Click the convert button and they're all changes to the quad hex digit format, separated by full stops. Note the tool does not check you have entered valid hex digits or enough characters (12 for a MAC address) - so just make sure you have the basics covered.

MAC address converter results

Output from the MAC Address Converter Tool

The output from the random different input formats is a consistent four digit dotted hex (aaaa.bbbb.cccc). Once updated, use the output in your CSV for upload to Prime.

Liability Disclaimer

We supply the tools on this website free of charge for the wireless community use. Note with all our tools the liability disclaimer - we do our best to make these tools as useful as we can, but accept no liability for their use or misuse:

If you have any questions relating to MAC address conversion or your Wi-Fi contact us.