Free ThousandEyes Setup

Cisco's ThousandEyes is a tool used to monitor your network experience. When you get those very hard to diagnose issues, typically where users are complaining that the experience isn't very good, it can be very hard to find the root cause. This is where ThousandEyes comes in.

Free ThousandEyes Setup

What does ThousandEyes do?

ThousandEyes lets you setup a range of monitors, which automatically test your network on a pre-defined time period. 

What this means is that important network services, such as Microsoft Teams can be tested and reported on.

If you consider this example, you have  a real-time traffic type, which is highly susceptible to changes in the  network environment. How would you ever know if the issue was the end laptop, internal to your network, or external, on the internet itself?

ThousandEyes allows you to setup a series of monitors, which generate synthetic traffic, in order to test out the network path.  Using these, allows you to easily spot when one aspect of the network has departed from the baseline and zero in on where the network fault lies.

So - if you're ready to find out more, read on! We'll take a look at what's included and then you just need to drop a few details into the form below and we'll be in touch to get you up and running.


What's Included in your Free Setup

As part of the free ThousandEyes setup, we'll do the following for you:

  • Activate your ThousandEyes installation, if you haven't already
  • Install the agents on your Cisco 9300 / 9400 switches
  • Enable five tests, which run every 5 minutes
  • Enable 5 digital experience use cases, including:
    • Cisco WebEx End User Experience
    • Microsoft 365 End User Experience
    • Microsoft Teams End User Experience
    • Customer Website End User Experience
  • Provide a handover and run through on your new ThousandEyes installation


Free ThousandEyes Setup

You've bought ThousandEyes, and you're ready to set it up. Need some help?

We offer a FREE service to get you up and running, with some of the most common monitors in the ThousandEyes suite.

For any other questions, why not email out helpful sales team at - thank you!

To register for your free ThousandEyes setup, just complete the form below to get started:

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What you need to Do

In order to qualify for your free ThousandEyes setup service, there's a few things we need you to have done:

  • Be based in Australia or NZ
  • Have bought DNA Advantage or Premier for Cisco Catalyst 9300 / 9400 switches
  • Be running IOS XE 17.3.3 or later (9300), or IOS 17.5.1 or later (9400)
  • Have purchased at least 5 9300/9400 switches
  • Configure your firewall to allow the ThousandEyes agent management and testing traffic through: basic requirements:
    • DNS resolvers for domain resolution
    • NTP for time synchronisation
    • TCP 443 outbound, to allow proxy access


Free ThousandEyes Setup: Summary

We hope we can be of service to you! If you have paid for your ThousandEyes licence, as part of your Cisco 9300 / 9400 licencing, we'd love to be of help in getting you up and running on your ThousandEyes journey.

ThousandEyes (Instagram)ThousandEyes has a lot of value for network administrators. Recognising there is a bit of a hump in getting up and running, we can help.

Once you're up and running, you'll likely find ThousandEyes to be an invaluable part of your network monitoring solution. 

We also offer Managed Services, which includes ThousandEyes as an option, so if you prefer to have someone setup your installation and and then monitor and maintain this for you, we're here to help you with a long term relationship too.


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