Pre-Deployment Wireless Survey – What to Expect

Wireless designs are best done in two phases - the predictive RF design and the onsite pre-deployment (or APoS) survey. In this blog, we'll run you through what to expect when our team comes to site!

Pre-Deployment Wireless Survey

After the offsite design survey is completed, the next phase is the onsite testing. We do this with a battery powered AP to test the environment.

The pre-deployment survey is performed onsite and is conducted before cabling and access points are installed. The survey equipment is placed in the predicted access point locations to test the predicted wireless coverage in the real world.

The results are used to identify any variation against the predictive survey - This process is repeated for access points on each floor and any updates to the design can be determined and managed. The outcome is a design we have a very high confidence level in working when it's installed.

This survey is relatively non-invasive and will cause no impacts to your existing network.


Equipment Used 

Picture3The equipment used for the survey is categorised into two parts, as shown to the right/outlined below:

  • Battery powered mobile test rig, with an elevated wireless access point configured for survey mode to simulate coverage from a specified location.
  • An Apple iPad and an Ekahau SideKick used by the engineer to conduct the wireless survey.

Pre-Deployment Wireless Survey 1

The engineers will do a lot of walking while onsite, as they test the wireless coverage. They'll move the AP and likely have to re-walk some of the areas, so just be aware they'll be walking around with their iPad as they sample the wireless environment.

If you need, we have a little set of cones we can put around the survey rig, but most customers prefer to leave as it.


What's Needed from You?

Wi-Fi Pre-Deployment Survey (Instagram)The onsite engineer will require access to areas they intend on collecting sample survey data from. They will work with the onsite contact on how and when to access these areas.

As the activities can look a little strange to those who aren’t familiar, we recommend communicating to necessary parties onsite.

Providing some context on why these activities are occurring, often helps the engineer when navigating any questions from enquiring individuals.

If you need, we have florescent vests with the IPTel logo and "Wi-Fi Survey Team" on these - just in case that helps!


Pre-Deployment Surveys - What to Expect: Summary

Hopefully this blog has helped in understanding what to expect when we attend site for a pre-deployment survey.

Once complete, the results from the onsite survey are compared to those in the design - any variations in the wall attenuation compared to our design are updated in the design and then any AP moves, adds or changes undertaken. The design is now ready for the cabling to be installed.

The testing onsite can capture things we would not know just from the floor plans, so we have a very high degree of certainty the wireless survey will perform exactly as expected when you commission the system.



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