Cisco Prime Rail Lines

Do you find when you are trying to locate your clients, they continuously go where it's physically impossible to g o?

No more!



In Cisco Prime Infrastructure there is a tool called the Rail Line. It acts as a collection point for clients who constantly

roam within a floor or outside an areas map, when they shouldn't be.

Cisco Site Maps SidebarWireless clients within a specified distance to the rail line will be shown as connected at the line, rather than their actual location. This could be handy for hospitals to show devices around the beds, but not on them, or places like internet cafes,where many wireless clients cluster while remaining mobile.

Defining a Rail Line In Cisco Prime

You can define a rail line on a floor that represents a conveyor belt. Additionally, you can define an area around the rail area known as the snap-width to further assist location calculations. This represents the area in which you expect clients to appear. Any client located within the snap-width area is plotted on the rail line (majority) or just outside of the snap-width area (minority).

  1. Choose Monitor>Site Maps
  2. Click the name of the appropriate floor area.
  3. Choose Map Editor from the Select a command drop-down list.
  4. Click Go
  5. In the map,click the rail icon (to the right of the purple exclusion icon) on the tool bar.
  6. In the message dialog box that appears, enter a snap-width (feet or meters) for the rail and then click OK. A drawing icon appears.
  7. Click the drawing icon at the starting point of the rail line. Click again when you want to stop drawing the line or change the direction of the line.
  8. Click the drawing icon twice when the rail line is completely drawn on the floor map.The rail line appears on the map and is bordered on either side by the defined snap-width region.

Cisco Prime Rail Creation

Cisco Prime Rail Lines: Conclusion

Defining a rail line allows for your users to stay within certain parameters, although this does mean that when it is the actual location of a client, it will not show it with complete accuracy. It gives you a better idea for the clients that continually roam outside the areas that they really are.

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