Ekahau 6.4.1 and Vision 3.1.1 Upgrade

Ekahau RTLS Controller is used to track the location of clients (primarily Ekahau Tags) and forms part of the Ekahau location tracking suite of products.

Ekahau RTLS Controller (ERC) Upgrade

We have recently completed an upgrade of Ekahau in our office/lab environment with the following new versions:

  • ERC 6.4.1, from 6.1.1
  • Vision 3.1.1, from 2.0.46

This upgrade brings a number of improvements, including:

  • A5 tag support - (NEW)
  • Tag Unplugged Condition (A4+)
  • Tag External Button Press (A4+)

ERC Supported Tags and Adapters

The full list of tags and adapters now supported is shown on the right - one of the main reasons we upgraded was to allow for testing the A4+.

This allows you to take a contact input and alert on this - for example this might be a relay closing, or you might be monitoring somehting like a door opening or closing.

ERC Upgrade Comparison

The addition of the new conditions is reflected in the Rule creation of both ERC and Vision - the images below show some of the differences between the old version and the new:

ERC 6.1.1 - Old

ERC 6.4.1 - New


Vision 2.0.46 - Old

Vision 3.1.1 - New

Ekahau 6.4.1 and Vision 3.1.1 Upgrade Differences

A couple of notable differences in the new version are:

  • The removal of manual tag commands, for example the ability to put a tag into IR debug mode (command
    "si 3")
  • The removal of the developer pages on ERC

With these updates now omitting some of the useful debug options, it may now be more difficult to troubleshoot and debug what is happening inside ERC. Hopefully Ekahau will reconsider at some point and reintroduce these functions.