CT Scanner

CT Scanners are a pretty impressive looking bit of clinical technology. At what must be an anxious time for patients, it's nice to see how the hospitals are working hard to make them a nicer environment for patients.

I’ve been working in and around hospitals for a number of years now. The size, cost and complexity of some of the equipment you see is quite mind boggling in the clinical space.

I don’t know too much about CT scanners, but I came across these couple of really great pictures recently. Normally shaped like a giant white doughnut, the photo below shows the scanner with the covers off – there’s a lot of equipment there under the surface. I gather they’re pretty noisy in operation, and by the looks of it there’s a lot of cooling fans that would be generating all that noise.


Considering that having to lie stock still in this quite intimidating machine, its nice to see that some hospitals have really gone the extra mile. One of my colleagues came across this photo, which we think is from a hospital in Washington (not sure if that’s Washington state or DC). Its amazing what a bit of inventiveness can do and can clearly see how it must be so much more calming for young patients to get their scans in this room than in the standard clinical room.