Cisco Live! Melbourne - Day 1

Day 1 of Cisco live! In Melbourne. I’m on the Spectralink stand for the next couple of days, so if you’re at the conference, swing past and say hi.

Mobicall is on the stand too, so there’s some things to demonstrate here – the duress integration of Spectralink with the Mobicall engine and how that works – especially in critical environments such as clinical.Cisco Live Sign

Spectralink has a range of phones, but the inclusion of a programmable button means it can be configured as a duress or a call assist button. Some of models are pretty durable and the pivot would be a great platform for task management.The first day on the stand has been a long one. Had a chance to look around some of the new WLAN kit coming our way though. The new industrial and external type APs are featuring, as well as a wide range of Meraki equipment.

For Mobicall, there’s a couple of interesting demos to check out at live!:

  • Conferencing – automate the setup of conferences. For example if an alert is triggered, automatically call a 
  • set group of people and conference them all together.
  • Hotline – the quickest way to connect with a critical resource quickly – in parallel phone a number of people and be connected with the first person who answers

I’ve been to many Cisco conferences over the years, mainly back in the Europe – had some good trips to Paris back in the day.

There’s a few photos below of the behind the scenes setup of the conference. The remote presence robot was rolling around, although not totally successfully after a minor collision!

Cisco Conference 1

There’s bound to be a theme that emerges from the next few days - I can imagine IoT is going to
be big, but after a walk around, I can't see anything that's immediately jumping out.

I am sure it will become apparent the next few days.

IPTel Spectralink and Ekahau RTLS handout Cisco Conference 2 Cisco Conference 3

There was a giant barrage balloon too – can’t quite see what it was used for, but an interesting sight!

Cisco Conference 4

If you have any questions relating to Wi-Fi or the conference please don't hesitate to contact us

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