Arne Bier - Cisco VIP and Cisco Champion

Arne Bier is a senior consulting engineer with over 22 years of IT experience, and is currently working at IPTel Solutions as a Senior Technical Consultant.

He's an active Cisco CCIE, with a low number of #6282. Arne took his CCIE in WAN Switching, but now specialises in Security and all things Wireless. He works equally well at management level, as well as diving deep into technical protocol bits and bytes.

Client Device Profiling Cisco WLCArne's professional career has taken him all around the world and exposed him to Enterprise and Service Provider customers. When Arne is not analysing Wireshark trace files, you might find him riding his mountain bike, taking a walk, listening to his favourite podcast (yes - Wi-Fi related!)

Technology Interests

Arne has a strong interest in all things technological. He's fascinated by new technology and the exploration of what it can do and how best to use it efficiently. His main work interests are in the use of AAA, particularly with Cisco ISE and Aruba Clearpass - and it's here that Arne has really distinguished himself, with some great recognition from Cisco. He's an expert in the deployment of Cisco ISE and associated technologies. Arne is currently cross skilling from his base of LAN / AAA over to add Wireless LAN to his portfolio.

IPTel Solutions StaffCisco Champion

In January 2019 Arne became a Cisco Champion member which is a global group of highly influential technical experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco. Arne is an active member on social media and can be found on the Cisco Community forum answering questions about Cisco ISE.

Cisco VIP Program

He was selected to join the exclusive 2019 Cisco Designated VIP Program for 2019 in recognition of his extensive participation in the Cisco Community forum.You can also find him on LinkedIn, as well as @sonar_boy on Twitter.

Wireless LAN Professional

Arne was interviewed recently for the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast. Want to hear more about Arne and hear about his enthusiasm and views of upcoming technology - have a listen to the podcast here:

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Arne Bier - Cisco VIP and Cisco Champion is here to help!

If you're having trouble with your Wireless LAN and Cisco ISE / Aruba Clearpass Contact us with your requirements and we'll get our Cisco VIP onto it.